Regular Periodontal Maintenance, Pocket Scaling and Root Planing, and Pocket Reduction Surgery help treat and prevent gum disease.


A replacement for teeth lost to periodontal disease or injury.


Receding gums can cause unnecessary discomfort, tooth sensitivity and can be aesthetically displeasing.


Comprehensive surgical procedures affecting all of the teeth in the mouth can improve smiles and change lives.


The entire office is one of the nicest and most accommodating offices I’ve been to. They made sure they could take care of me despite my wheelchair and physical challenges and were nice and generous the entire time. Dr. Barasz properly diagnosed and treated an ailment that had bothered me for years! I highly recommend them!

Deborah T.

Dr. Barasz is an exceptional dentist and the team that he has assembled is outstanding. Everyone is very personable and patient-focused. I would highly recommend Dr. Barasz to anyone needing needing his expertise.

Steve O.

Dr. Barasz is an excellent Dr.! I had a crown lengthening and they took great care of me. They even called to check up on me over the weekend. Nobody likes getting dental procedures done but they are extremely professional and make you feel at ease. COVID procedures are great! They send you forms to fill out asking Covid questions then text you when ready for you to come up to office. I highly recommend Dr. Barasz.

Randy B.

I must say my first time meeting Dr. Barasz was actually a surgery day! I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous! I can’t express enough in words how happy I was with how professional the staff was and how they put me at ease. Dr. Barasz is an amazing doctor, just so professional and caring. I don’t think I ever had a doctor call and follow up after a procedure! It was one of the most pleasant and pain-free procedures I ever had!!! So thank you again to you and your staff!


I am writing this letter to anyone that has need of a Dental Implant or Periodontics dentist. Dr. Barasz performed gum surgery in preparation for a new crown. The procedure went extremely well, I had little if any bleeding and the pain was almost nonexistent. I am like most people, in that I do not like to go to a dentist, but if you need one, I highly recommend Dr. Barasz and his caring, professional and friendly staff.

Paul H.

The absolute staple of how a medical office should be run. I was honestly blown away with just how professional, but efficient this office conducts itself. From the moment you make an appointment to the time you’re walking out the door this office leaves no detail out and allows no room for mistakes. Every person I interacted with showed professionalism and honest care for your concerns. I was referred by my personal dental office and Dr. Jonah’s office called me the very next day for an appointment. The paperwork is through a very simple online program you can do right from your phone, check-in is super simple from your car and they take extreme COVID-19 precautions; so much so that they give you a paper towel as you’re leaving the office so you don’t have to touch door handles or elevator buttons with your bare hands as you’re leaving the office building. At the end they give you a nice detailed recap of your appointment, and future procedures, and go through billing with you so there are no questions.


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