Crown Lengthening

You can’t fix problems that you can’t see. If your tooth fractures or decays below the gum line, bacteria can develop underneath your gums, leading to poor oral health.

What’s more, fractures and decay below the gum line make it difficult for your dentist to create a tight seal on a crown or filling. The result? Recurring decay and cavities.

That’s where crown lengthening comes in.

During a crown lengthening procedure, a periodontist repositions the gum and bone, ensuring you have a well-fitting filing or crown.

Crown lengthening is also used to address so-called “gummy smiles.” By removing excess gum tissue around the teeth, we can help ensure your teeth are appropriately sized to complement your face and give you a fresh, natural-looking smile.

"gummy smile" before crown lengthening

note smile is not as

note smile is not as "gummy" after the procedure

I am writing this letter to anyone that has need of a Dental Implant or Periodontics dentist. Dr. Barasz performed gum surgery in preparation for a new crown. The procedure went extremely well, I had little if any bleeding and the pain was almost nonexistent. I am like most people, in that I do not like to go to a dentist, but if you need one, I highly recommend Dr. Barasz and his caring, professional and friendly staff.
Paul H.