How do I know if Dental Implants are for me?

Are dental implants for me?

Most likely  you or someone you know has lost teeth. Most people have lost one or more teeth by the time they reach adulthood. They can be lost through an accident, disease or decay. Some people are born without certain permanent teeth.

No matter why you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option for nearly everyone.

Dental implants can be used when:

» A single tooth is missing - instead of replacing it with a bridge (  2 crowns and a "floating tooth" all cemented into place.  This necessitates shaving the adjacent teeth down and glueing  the prostheses in the mouth as one piece).  Many people have a difficult time cleaning under a bridge and it doesn't feel or look as "natural" as a dental implant.

» Several teeth are missing - instead of bridges or partial dentures (partial dentures are removable appliances that clip onto your remaining natural teeth.  Often the denture stresses the natural tooth and causes premature tooth loss. They are also not as efficient to chew with and often the clasps hooking onto the teeth are visible)

» All teeth are missing - instead of full dentures ( Full Dentures are  plastic removable appliances that sit on your gums and replace all your teeth.  Many people have a difficult time wearing dentures becuase they cause gagging and often thy are loose and fall out easily without adhesive.)

There are many reasons why dental implants are the #1 tooth replacement recommended by dentists. In fact, dental implants are considered the new "standard of care".

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